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Welcome to the website of the International European University – the most modern multidisciplinary university of European level!

Reforms in the higher education system have prompted the institution’s management to look for opportunities to significantly raise higher education standards, bringing them closer to European ones.

Thus, the mission of the University is to bring Ukrainian education, science and culture to a new quality level in order to integrate them into the European and world space.

Our university is the place where a completely new approach to student education has been introduced. The educational process is organized in the light of European curricula, a significant fund of printed pages has been collected, subscriptions to dozens of world professional periodicals are in operation, a powerful electronic library has been created, and access to several leading world libraries is gained.

The training is conducted by experienced teachers who perceive higher education in a new way and are ready to teach and prepare a completely new generation of professionals who would be experts in modern methods and tools of practice, and fluent in professional English vocabulary.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the university has extensive professional experience in training of highly qualified specialists. More than 80% of teachers have a degree, academic title and international practice.

Combining the experience of Ukrainian higher education with European and world standards in various fields, the university provides a high level of higher education, international competitiveness, a bright student life. University students take part in international conferences, have many opportunities for internships both in Ukraine and in other countries, undergo summer internships not only at settings (enterprises) of Ukraine, but also abroad, in particular in Israel, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, etc.

The university has a modern material and technical base: 100% of the university’s auditoriums are equipped with media; the latest teaching methods are introduced, innovative technologies are used, clinical departments located in the leading medical institutions of Kyiv are created, using the most modern diagnostic and medical equipment. Departments are equipped with educational and methodical literature, computer and office equipment, multimedia equipment, modern furniture. The training process and material and technical base of the IEU meet the standards and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. But we do not stop at this level – we do everything to prepare specialists who will be in demand in Ukraine, in Europe and in any other country in the world.

The International European University provides disabled people and other low-mobility groups with unimpeded access to buildings, training laboratories and offices, reading room, library, and assembly hall. Students with disabilities, wheelchair users can not only move freely to public places and comfortably meet daily needs and rest, but also have benefits when enrolling in university.

Much attention at the university is paid to research work. Interesting and useful optional classes are held. Well-known healthcare professionals, top managers, successful business representatives, international lecturers, tutors, etc. are invited.

At IEU, you will see firsthand the principles of student-centered learning in action, not on paper: we involve students in active participation in the creation of the learning process. Any decision of management on the organization of the educational process is made by agreement, including students as its party.

Non-resident and foreign students are provided with places in the university dormitories, which are located in the heart of Kyiv. All rooms are renovated, with new furniture. Convenient transport links – 20 minutes by metro to the school building, which is located in a cozy green area.

International European University is a university of opportunities for the best and brightest students who want to get a modern education of quality, get an international diploma, which will open the door for the future in Ukraine and in Europe and the world, because our curricula are integrated accordingly to the standards of higher education of the European Union.

ВСТУП 2021

Для кожного учня школа - саме те місце, де закладають фундамент, на якому потім можна буде побудувати усе майбутнє життя. Але для гарного майбутнього одного фундаменту замало. Саме цьому ми запрошуємо усіх абітурієнтів до нашого університету: тут вас навчать не тільки основам життя, але й тому, як їх використовувати на практиці.

Не секрет, що в наш час кожна людина бажає досягти якомога більшого. Вже давно пройшли часи, коли вища освіта була гарантом гарного майбутнього. Сучасність доказує, що висококваліфікованих та конкурентоспроможних фахівців багато - а що з цим робити не знають ані роботодавці, ані самі роботопошукавці. Це відбувається через те, що студентам дають багато теоретичних знань, але жоден заклад вищої освіти не вчить їх ці знання використовувати.

Саме тому ми запрошуємо вас до Міжнародного європейського університету - університету, який не тільки дасть вам в руки інструменти для будування вашого майбутнього, але й научить вас їми користуватися.

Викладачі в Міжнародному європейському університеті розуміють, що в умовах сучасності одна тільки наявність диплому не є запорукою успішного кар'єрного росту, усе залежить від того, чи вміє студент використовувати набуті знання на практиці. Обравши наш університет, ви зробите крок не тільки у напрямі вдалого професійного зростання та багатосторонніх знань, але й зможете навчитися використовувати свої знання на практиці та редагувати їх в залежності від вимог часу.



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