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It is high time to start creating your future – become a student of IEU!


To become a student of our university, you have to make a few steps:

1.Receive your Invitation letter to study

For that you need:

  • to inform us about your desire to study at International European University, sending a letter via email .
  • To issue the Invitation letter, such documents are required:
  • a copy of the document on the previous education with marks (grade points) in educational subjects;
  • a copy of the certificate on the completion of language preparation (if available);
  • a copy of the first page of your passport or another document that confirms the personality of a foreign citizen.
  • To cover fees for Visa support services (for citizens of countries with visa regime of entering Ukraine). You will be provided with bank requisites and information about payment options via email.
  • To receive the Invitation letter in original to:
  • open a long-term visa (for citizens of countries with visa regime of entering Ukraine);
  • show it during passport control.
  1. Arrive in Ukraine

Studies begin from the 1st of September and the 1st of March. We usually accept foreign citizens till the 1st of December and the1st of March, however, this rule is related to the candidates who want to apply for Preparatory department. Transfer of students as well as renewal for studies of persons who were expelled from higher education institutions are usually performed during summer or winter holidays.

To begin your studies in time, you have to:

  • If you are a citizen of countries with visa regime of entering Ukraine: submit a set of documents for opening a long-term student visa (D-type) to Ukrainian embassy in your country (if Ukrainian embassy is not available in your country, pay attention that a country for getting visa is indicated in the Invitation letter). On the website of Ukrainian embassy, you need to accurately define the requirements related to execution of documents and the procedure of applying to the embassy for opening visa. Apart from documents for opening visa, you necessarily need to submit the original version of your Invitation letter to study in Ukraine. If you are a citizen of countries with visa free regime: have the original version of your Invitation letter and show it during crossing of a state border to confirm the aim of coming to Ukraine.
  • Inform the International office i about planned date of arrival in Ukraine, the number of flight. This information is compulsory as a representative of the university will meet a foreign citizen and accompany him/her from the state border pass to our educational institution.
  1. Get into the university:

To become a student of the university:

On the following day after arriving in Kyiv, according to the admission process of foreigners and persons without citizenship, approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1272 from 11.12.2015, you have to provide the Office with such documents:

  • the original version and an attested copy of the document about your education (education and qualification) level on the basis of which our students are admitted;
  • the original version and an attested copy of the supplement to the document on your education (education and qualification) level on the basis of which our students are admitted;
  • in case of transfer or renewal for studies, it is necessary to submit your academic transcript issued by a foreign or Ukrainian educational establishment;
  • to gain a Master’s degree or postgraduate education it is obligatory to provide us with the original version and a copy of this document with information about the content of the educational program according to the previous degree (level) of higher education, credits received, duration of studies and academic progress in educational disciplines;
  • a copy or the original of foreigner’s passport or any document that certifies the identity without citizenship and that is translated in Ukrainian with notarial attestation of the translation;
  • 12 photos with the size of 35 x 45 mm;
  • a copy of the identification document for foreign Ukrainians (if available).

The documents mentioned in sections 1-4 must be:

  • attested in the country where they were issued, in a manner that is officially used for such attestation in this country;
  • legalized by a certain diplomatic establishment abroad if something else is not described in international agreements of Ukraine;
  • translated into Ukrainian with notarial attestation of the translation.

All documents about complete secondary education of foreign citizens must undergo the recognition procedure on the territory of Ukraine according to the current legislation:

  • pass an admission interview to check language knowledge at a sufficient level for understanding educational material;
  • pass an admission interview in principal disciplines.

After successful passing of the admission interview, you have to cover your tuition fees and submit the original version of your passport with entrance visa to Ukraine with the purpose of studying to the International office for executing your residence permit.


You are a student of International European University.

We wish you success!

ВСТУП 2021

Для кожного учня школа - саме те місце, де закладають фундамент, на якому потім можна буде побудувати усе майбутнє життя. Але для гарного майбутнього одного фундаменту замало. Саме цьому ми запрошуємо усіх абітурієнтів до нашого університету: тут вас навчать не тільки основам життя, але й тому, як їх використовувати на практиці.

Не секрет, що в наш час кожна людина бажає досягти якомога більшого. Вже давно пройшли часи, коли вища освіта була гарантом гарного майбутнього. Сучасність доказує, що висококваліфікованих та конкурентоспроможних фахівців багато - а що з цим робити не знають ані роботодавці, ані самі роботопошукавці. Це відбувається через те, що студентам дають багато теоретичних знань, але жоден заклад вищої освіти не вчить їх ці знання використовувати.

Саме тому ми запрошуємо вас до Міжнародного європейського університету - університету, який не тільки дасть вам в руки інструменти для будування вашого майбутнього, але й научить вас їми користуватися.

Викладачі в Міжнародному європейському університеті розуміють, що в умовах сучасності одна тільки наявність диплому не є запорукою успішного кар'єрного росту, усе залежить від того, чи вміє студент використовувати набуті знання на практиці. Обравши наш університет, ви зробите крок не тільки у напрямі вдалого професійного зростання та багатосторонніх знань, але й зможете навчитися використовувати свої знання на практиці та редагувати їх в залежності від вимог часу.



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